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Taurine 500mg- pure, free form state- UK-made, 60 capsules

Taurine 500mg- pure, free form state- UK-made, 60 capsules
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Manufacturer Description

Premium quality
Natures Best sell amino acids in their free-form, meaning that no digestion is required before they are absorbed from the digestive system. We use the pharmaceutical grade taurine designed for human nutrition, with tightly defined specifications of purity and potency. Although there are much cheaper animal feed grade nutrients widely available, we refuse to use them, even though they could potentially save us a lot of money. Recommended before training, racing or a sporting event, taurine can be made naturally within the body. However, research has shown that taurine supplementation can support many biological systems, including brain and muscle function. Normally found in high protein foods such as meat, taurine is also a useful source of sulphur for the body. We produce this sulfonic acid in free-form state, meaning it is rapidly absorbed in the digestive system. Just one capsule will more than double the daily amount of taurine you could get from food and two capsules delivers the same amount as found in many leading energy drinks. Taurine 500mg capsules are ideal if you want support in a convenient form without the calories, caffeine or bubbles. We use a pure pharmaceutical grade taurine, made in the UK to the highest standards.
What makes us different?
All of our tablets and capsules are made from start to finish in the UK. Each of our products is made to our own tight specification. We never purchase 'off the shelf' bulk tablets or capsules.
Full Money Back Guarantee
We're confident you'll be pleased with our product and you can try it at no risk because our no-quibble money back guarantee means just that. If it doesn't work you can have your money back.

Product Features

Free-form state- easier on the digestive system Pure Pharmaceutical grade taurine- made to the highest standards in the UK One capsule per day - will double the daily intake that could be obtained from food Super convenient capsules- without the calories & caffeine found in Energy drinks Popular with vegetarians and vegans

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