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HUMAGRO Humagro™ is a multi-award winning, clinically proven muscle growth factor oral spray recommended by Doctors, personal trainers and nutritionists. Containing a patent pending formulation of growth factors, free form amino acids, colostrum and isotonic creatine that stimulates celluar growth, boosts your body's natural production of muscle cells and hormones enhancing lean muscle size, density, strength, performance and recovery in just one month. This is not just another supplement. Humagro™ is a pioneering approach to muscular development and has been developed by leading UK scientists and is designed to provide a perfect ratio of liquid to active ingredients to create one of the most advanced, effective and bio-available muscle growth products on the market today. Increased Lean Muscle Mass + 36% Heightened Muscle Density +15% Greater Strength & Power + 25%/29% Shortened Recovery Times -13% Greater Muscular Endurance +31% 100% Safe and Natural Ingredients (Glycerine*), Carrier (Aqua), L-Carnitine L-Tartrate, (Sodium Benzoate), Amino Acid Complex, Nano Colostrum, Micronised Creatine, Zinc Magnesium D-Panthenol, Flavour (Orange (Flavouring Preparations, Dl-alpha tocopherol)) *Vegetable-Source Complete Muscle Growth Humagro is an cutting edge approach to muscular development – a drink that provides incredibly powerful growth factors along with nutrient enrichment supplying the body with everything required for phenomenal muscular growth; Extremely Powerful Growth Factors Free formAmino Acids Isotonic Creatine Essential Micro-nutrientsTrue all in one muscle formulation Cutting edge sublingual nanotechnology - X500 more potent Sublingual absorption was previously restricted due to molecules ofte being too large to be absorbed effectively. Recent advances in Nanotechnology however has created ‘nanospheres’ that have an ideal composition and molecular structure for a phenomenally effective sublingual delivery system. This gives greater bio-effectiveness and increased half-life, with studies demonstrating up to dramatic rises in potency of up to 500-fold. The result is a 100% stable solution, with zero degradation that harnesses the strongest creatine formula ever made. A Pioneering Approach to Muscle Growth Traditional sports supplements function separately from your body trying to manipulate bodily functions often with little success. Humagro works in a completely different way; its works with your body supplying the very same growth factors used by the body to grow naturally in a highly concentrated and powerful formulation. The advanced formulation of low molecular weight growth factors and essential micro-nutrients ensures rapid absorption, building muscle cells from within and forcing the body to grow greater lean muscle with improved performance. Take it and see the results for yourself. What does Humagro do? Humagro delivers human growth factors that stimulate celluar growth along with essential micronutrients in liquid form to grow increased muscle cell mass. Humagro further stimulates muscle growth by providing essential micro-nutrients used as ‘fuel’ to grow extra muscle. These contribute by increasing rate of protein synthesis, reducing catabolism, and providing muscle cell energy essential for athletic performance. As a result Humagro can grow muscle quicker and in greater quantity than any other formulation. It simply forces the body to grow greater muscle cells for enhanced lean muscle, tone, strength, power, athletic performance, endurance and recovery. How does humagro work? Humagro contains a pioneering formulation containing extremely powerful growth factors that stimulates celluar growth within muscle cells. A further 4 active ingredients work synergistically fuel mass and performance gains making Humagro a true all-one-1 formula. Due to being a liquid supplement, its cutting edge formulation is highly bio-available, meaning that the body can absorb and make use of a higher proportion of the active nutrients. Humagros' active ingredients are 100% in solution allowing for an absorption rate of 97% compared to only 50% for tablets and powders. The industry-leading, 3kDal patented growth factor peptides used in Humagro triggers increased production of platelet derived growth factors, which have the unique ability to specifically stimulate the growth of muscle cells and connective tissue. This leads to increased muscle cell density and improving almost every muscle metric including size, strength, performance and recovery. The platelet-derived growth factors also trigger improved cell regeneration resulting in much faster muscle growth and recovery post exercise. This dual action makes Humagro an extremely powerful muscle growth formula. Muscle Growth Benefits The full one month course of Humagro delivers powerful benefits. The formulation work with the body forcing a myriad of benefits; Increased muscle size and definition Greater strength and explosive power Reduced recovery times with heightened endurance Reduction in adipose fat cells Timescales of reported benefits: 15-30 days: Density of muscle cells increase 30 to 60 days: Improved performance is noted in strength and muscular endurance 60-90 days: Muscle possess greater mass and definition with further improvements to performance. 1 Months + Continued growth, definition and performance benefits. Due to Humagro’s action of working in unison with natural bodily functions further results will continue to be enjoyed and built upon. Why not use tablets or powders? To consume the same level of essential nutrients and growth peptides you would have to take at least 30 large tablets. Tablets are more difficult to ingest and assimilate into the body and are only partially absorbed. The growth factors and essential ingredients in Humagro are in liquid formulation and 95% to 97% are absorbed by the body, while tablets offer an absorption rate of only 35% to 50%. The liquid formula in Humagro offers a huge advantage in terms of absorption rates. Humagro functions isotonically ensuring that our the growth factor peptides and essential micro-nutrients achieve an absorption rate of 95-97% - A level that can never be matched by tablets, or powders mixed into a drink. The Science Humagro is backed by comprehensive clinical research showing its benefits to muscular development. The science of muscle growth via stimulation of growth factors is an exciting area of scientific research Increased Lean Muscle Mass + 36% Greater Strength & Power + 25%/29% Shortened Recovery Times -13% Greater Muscular Endurance +31% Humagro Formulation Growth Factors The inclusion of revolutionary growth factors is what sets Humagro Gro apart. Growth Factors are the core naturally occurring substances in the body that responsible for growth and development. They are what causes ‘maturation’, essentially the development of infants to adults. Humagro works as a precursor for Platelet-derived growth factor, which stimulates the growth of muscle cells and connective tissue cells. By increasing the quality and quantity of these growth factor we can effectively ‘grow’ increased muscle in the very same way as the body does ensuring rapid lean, lean muscle growth. Colostrum Colostrum is one of the most exceptional nutrients that can be found in nature. Colostrum is a extract of very special effective substances that are present in the first milk and are found nowhere else in nature in such high, perfectly balanced concentrations. Colostrum is essetnail for the nutrition, growth and development of newborn infants and contributes to the immunologic defence. Micronised Isontonic Creatine Isotonic Creatine increases the muscle cell energy source known as ATP further aiding gains in strength and performance. We’ve used the premium liquid form known as Creatine Isotonic that is 100% bioavailable meaning absolutely no bloating and full absorption. Free-Form Amino Acids Amino acids Amino Acids can be described as the raw building blocks of protein. Utilizing free-form, ‘complete’ and in liquid form further helps to create the perfect environment for muscle growth where all essential micronutrients are in abundance. Zinc Magnesium Exercise depletes the vitamins and minerals ZInc Magnesuim with a deficiency of which most in the Western world suffer from causing significant loss of muscle building capacity and potential. Each bottle contains 75% of our RDA (recommended daily allowance) helping to ensuring maximum benefits. Free from... Humagro is free from sugar, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavourings. A full 30 day supply Each vial contains a full 30 day course giving time for results to be experienced and impressive value for money. Using the atomizer spray the refreshing serum directly under the tongue and experience the active ingredients be instantly absorbed through the skin transdermally. Be a Visionary Nanotine Creatine by Distilled is at the very forefront of biochemical technology. Be the first to receive at a limited time introductory price of just £9.99, with free and fast shipping and experience unforgettable results. (price after promotion £19.99) BUY NOW LIMITED TIME DISCOUNT £9.99 (£19.99 THEREAFTER) BUY HUMAGRO NOW - SALE ON! Testimonials we;d pretty much given up on recommending supplements to our clients until trialled Humagro. Since recommending Humagro our clients performance improvements have seen vast improvements Marcus Wright Personal Training Consultant 'Best Supplement Ive ever brought! Started using this after being recommended and so amazed with results. This is the real deal' 'An Absolute revelation I train hard and have used LOTS of supplements but nothing ever lived up to my expectations. This is different, it actually works. Ive literally grown muscle and much stronger.' Formulation(Glycerine*), Carrier (Aqua), L-Carnitine L-Tartrate, (Sodium Benzoate), Amino Acid Complex, Nano Colostrum, Micronised Creatine, Zinc Magnesium D-Panthenol, Flavour (Orange (Flavouring Preparations, Dl-alpha tocopherol)) *Vegetable-Source Usage Using the atomizer spray twice directly under the tongue, once daily. Do not eat or drink for 5 minutes after. Best used in cycles of 8-16 weeks with an equal amount of time off cycle to avoid tolerance. For example 10 weeks on, 10 weeks o