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a:5:{i:0;s:12:"Bodybuilding";i:1;s:12:"Men's Health";i:2;s:11:"Muscle Gain";i:3;s:13:"Muscle Health";i:4;s:18:"Testosterone Boost";}

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1 Month and Longer

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Bodybuilding Supplements

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a:6:{i:0;s:18:"Acetyl-L-Carnitine";i:1;s:10:"Amino Acid";i:2;s:12:"Beta-Alanine";i:3;s:8:"Creatine";i:4;s:15:"D-Aspartic Acid";i:5;s:7:"Protein";}

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a:5:{i:0;s:10:"Amino Acid";i:1;s:12:"Creatine HCl";i:2;s:15:"D-Aspartic Acid";i:3;s:9:"L-Leucine";i:4;s:12:"Whey Protein";}

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PRO ANABOLISM: THE STRONGEST LEGAL ORAL SUPPLEMENT AVAILABLE FOR EXTREME MUSCULAR GROWTH 100% SAFE AND LEGAL STRENGTH AND LEAN MUSCLE GAINS OF AT LEAST 25%+ Hailed as "the strongest ever muscle builder"and 'Ground Breaking' by bodybuilding experts PRO ANABOLISM is the strongest, most scientifically advanced muscle builder in the world, suitable for beginners to professionals. Results are guaranteed from the very first day when you will see your strength increase by at least 25%. 100% SAFE & ORAL ADMINISTERED SUPPLEMENT Unlike other dangerous muscle builders that cause side effects, this is a 100% safe, non-prescription natural formula that uses natural extracts that are both highly effective and safe. HIGHEST QUALITY NATURAL INGREDIENTS D ASPARTIC ACID, CARNITINE, CREATINE HCL, HMB + LEUCINE + COLOSTRUM AMINO ACIDS, RESVERATROL , BETA ALANINE, COCOA EXTRACTPlease Note - PRO Anabolism uses only the highest grade, natural ingredients that are completely prescription-free and contains absolutely no controlled ingredients and is approved for sale in the UK as a food supplement! 100% Safe and LegalOral Liquid Muscular Strength gains 25%+Lean Mass Gains 10-20lbsHighest strength active ingredients World's strongest Muscle BuilderAll-in-1 Anabolism and Anti CatabolicLatest Cutting edge Technology100% Bioavailable oral encapsulated Serum EXTREME ALL-IN-1 MUSCLE GROWTHPRO Anabolisms state of the art action combines highly powerful muscle building anabolism synergistically with anti catabolic muscle preservation. Unlike ordinary supplements this is enhances every single key metabolic pathway that underpins the complete muscle growth process for phenomenal gains in muscle size, strength and performance! This all encompassing combination of actions is what delivers the strongest muscle growth possible. Gains of 20+% in strength and 10-20lbs lean muscle will be experienced giving the much desired bodily composition of being both lean and muscular by building muscle tissue while simultaneously losing body fat. AS SEEN ON TV, EXTENSIVELY REVIEWED AND VOTED STRONGEST EVER MUSCLE BUILDER!PRO Anabolism has been voted as the number 1 muscle builder by experts; Its the 'secret' supplement used by renowned celebrity trainers, been featured on international TV and received rave reviews hailing its use of next generation technology. HARNESSING REAL SCIENTIFIC RESEARCHThese results arent just best case scenario but the result of years of independent, documented scientific research and clinical data unequivocally proving its phenomenal efficacy and leading many to hail MAX Anabolism as a breakthrough for extreme supplementation that exhibits zero side effects: RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS: 16.3 LBS LEAN MUSCLE GAIN Fat free muscle gain in 12 weeks. 30% PEAK STRENGTH GAINS Sum of 1rm on bench, squat, & deadlift ANAEROBIC MUSCULAR PERFORMANCEStronger explosive muscle contractions AEROBIC ATHLETIC ENDURANCEDelays onset of fatigue extending performance MUSCLE REPAIR & RECOVERYFaster muscle repair with reduced soreness GREATER ENERGY AND PERFORMANCEGlycogen replenishment & lactic acid buffering CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGYPRO Anabolism is the world's first and most advanced all-in-1 anabolism and anti-catabolic booster that enhances every single metabolic mechanism that dictates the rate of muscle growth in the human body. Using a revolutionary micro encapsulated oral serum delivers active ingredients direct into the cells bypassing gastronomic degradation giving a 85% greater strength over pills and powders. This is a bio-technical breakthrough; the cumulative result of a decades research and millions of dollars investment in its development with one goal in mind: guaranteed phenomenal muscle building. EXTREME STRENGTH WITH ZERO SIDE EFFECTS!Whether you desire major mass or lean definition, what you need is a seriously strong supplement. What you dont want is any negative side effects. With PRO Anabolism we are witnessing a new era of supplementation that is both safe but also extremely potent. This is because it doesnt synthetically manipulate bodily processes but instead stimulates the metabolic pathways of anabolism directly; in complete harmony with your bodies natural processes. This means no side effects so you can enjoy unrelenting gains!! ADVANCED MECHANISM OF ACTION Muscle Protein Synthesis (Growth) = Anabolism - Catabolism To build muscle mass your body needs to increase its synthesis of protein, as muscle is made from proteins. If your body cannot do this it is impossible to build muscle.Think of your muscles like the tyres on a car. When you fill a tyre with air, it gets bigger. The same thing happens to your muscles. When they fill with protein, they grow in size. Scientists call this process muscle protein synthesis. Without an increase in protein synthesis, your muscles won't grow at all.The problem with traditional boosters is that they manipulate protein synthesis artificially using synthetic compounds that cause side effects. PRO Anabolism however gives the same powerful benefits on protein synthesis by enhancing the core metabolic pathways that control it enabling dramatic muscular growth that is 100% safe! This is the very latest in research that has successfully isolated the pathways of muscle hypertrophy (growth) and devised methods to enhance them giving you unbeatable muscle growth without any downside. Enhances every mechanism underpinning Muscle Protein synthesis (MPS) for ultimate muscle growthSupplements normally accelerate one of two mechanisms that contribute to muscle growth. PRO Anabolism is different; it enhances every single key mechanism creating the ultimate environment for unrelenting muscle growth. 70% INCREASE IN ANABOLISMELEVATING MUSCLE GROWTH, STRENGTH AND PERFORMANCEAnabolism in the bodily state of growth; where muscle cells proliferate and we gain greater strength and mass, Increasing it is the key to maximising Muscle Protein Synthesis and accelerating muscle gain. ACTIVATED PATHWAYS ACCELERATING ANABOLISM:TEST BOOSTING X3 ABOVE BASELINEActivating mTOR Pathways mTOR PATHWAY ACTIVATIONElevating Muscle Protein Synthesis & Cellular Regeneration MUSCLE PROTEIN SYNTHESIS {MPS}Activates Mechanism of Muscle Growth CELLULAR GLYCOGEN & ATP ENERGYEnhances both Supply & Regeneration CELLULAR REGENERATION & PROLIFERATIONAccelerates Process of Muscle Growth REDUCTION IN CATABOLISMINHIBITING MUSCLE LOSS, FATIGUE AND METABOLIC SLOWDOWN Catabolism is when muscle suffers from degradation, resulting in loss of muscle mass and size. Being able to limit the process is a crucial and normally ignores second stage of optimising Anabolism, MPS and growth. ACTIVATED PATHWAYS STRENGTHENING ANTI CATABOLISM: SUSTAINS POSITIVE METABOLIC RATE Maintaining Fat Free Muscle Mass AUTOPHAGY | PROTEASOME | AMPK REGULATIONInhibits Catabolic Pathways NUTRIENT, OXYGEN & BLOOD SUPPLYVasodilation Aiding Recovery & Energy Supply ANTI CATABOLIC REGULATIONReduces Catabolic ?Stress factors CATABOLIC PATHWAY INHIBITIONDe- limits Muscle Growth Potential LACTIC ACID BUFFERINGDelays Fatigue & Muscle Breakdown CUTTING EDGE ORAL SERUM IS 85% STRONGER THAN PILLS & POWDERS Isotonic Molecular weight gives 100% BioavailabilityMicroencapsulation protects from gastric digestionIntracellular absorption delivers active ingredients directly to target cells All pills, tablets, and powders (even when mixed with liquid) suffer from extremely poor bioavailability due to digestion. Pre-systemic degradation and poor penetration across the gut wall results in significantly lower bioavailability. Once a supplement had gone through this process often only 20% of its original potency remains. INTRACELLULAR ORAL SERUM GIVES GREATER X6 BIOAVAILABILITY, PURITY & STRENGTH ELITE NUTRATECH have solved this by developing a revolutionary method of delivering active ingredients direct to target cells with zero degradation. The patented system protects active ingredients from digestive degradation through a combination of high grade encapsulation, Isotonic molecular weight and permeability enhancers with enzyme protection. The serum is absorbed both Intracellularly (direct to target cells) through the gut wall and Sublingually (in the mouth) giving greater potency, increased absorption, faster onset of actions and greater bioavailability. This means it is six times more bioavailable and potent than traditional pill or capsule supplements Plus, it requires no fillers, binders, or other additives for unbeatable purity. ENCAPSULATION TECHNOLOGYFacilitates precision intra cellular absorption 100% BIOAVAILABILITYIntracellular absorption bypasses gastric degradation ISOTONIC OSMOTIC PRESSUREOptimises dissolution rate & bioavailability MICRO ENCAPSULATED INGREDIENTSStaggers release & disintegration protection NEUTRAL PH 7.0 SUSPENDED SERUMProtects & stabilises from acidic breakdown INSTANT > 24HR INGREDIENT HALF LIFEFacilitates superior ingredient efficiency HIGHEST STRENGTH INGREDIENTS PRO Anabolism is formulated with the strongest ingredients that benefit from the very latest research. These are not the low grade ones found in normal mass produced supplements. With PRO Anabolism many people for the first time experience true strength and the efficacy that comes with it. D ASPARTIC ACID Synergistically Boosts Test activating mTOR L-CARNITINE L-TARTRATEIncreases Binding site receptor density & elevates cellular vasodilation AMINO ACIDS | COLOSTRUM Cellular building blocks stimulating muscle protein synthesis, mtor activation & blunting catabolic AMPK CREATINE HCL | RIBOSESupplies & regenerates muscle cellular fuel (ATP) increasing muscle contraction strength. BETA ALANINEProtects muscle from exercise induced acidity improving aerobic and anaerobic performance ANTI CATABOLIC INGREDIENTS LEUCINE ISOLATED AMINO ACIDS Reducing muscle degrading factors and aiding anti- catabolism. COCOA EXTRACTCatabolicMyostatin inhibitor down grades the protein responsible for limiting muscle growth. RESVERATROL Reduces muscle degrading catabolic stress factors HMB AMINO ACIDS Inhibits catabolic pathways & activates mTOR pathway TRY YOURS NOW - INTRODUCTORY OFFER! This is not hype. This is proven, irrefutable, scientifically verified research.This is cutting-edge science where during the R&D process no expense was spared to ensure the highest level of effectiveness. It's a ground breaking supplement: 100% safe for all with 1000's of customers that continue to repeat buy!Money Back GuaranteeWe are so confident in the effectiveness of PRO Anabolism that we offer a full, no questions asked money back guarantee! RRP £39..99 Introductory Offer £9.99!!!(Buy 2 get 1 free!) Free & Fast UK Delivery HOW TO TAKEPRO Anabolism serum is absorbed sublingually orally with a potency of x6 greater than that of pills and powders. Apply the 0.7ml using the supplied oral syringe under the tongue and allow 5 seconds to be absorbed and then swallow. Administered once daily ideally for a minimum of 12 weeks to enjoy full spectrum of benefits.