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Organic Spirulina Powder 1.10 Lbs 17 Oz by GPH Diffusion

Organic Spirulina Powder 1.10 Lbs 17 Oz by GPH Diffusion
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Product Description

Vitamins Minerals Supplements are thrilled to offer the excellent Organic Spirulina Powder 1.10 Lbs 17 Oz.

With so many on offer these days, it is wise to have a name you can trust. The Organic Spirulina Powder 1.10 Lbs 17 Oz is certainly that and will be a great purchase.

For this great price, the Organic Spirulina Powder 1.10 Lbs 17 Oz comes widely respected and is always a regular choice for lots of people. GPH Diffusion have added some great touches and this equals great value for money.

Manufacturer Description

Spirulina is a cyanobacterium (blue-green algae) that can be consumed by humans and other animals. There are two species, Arthrospira platensis and Arthrospira maxima. Arthrospira is cultivated worldwide; used as a dietary supplement as well as a whole food; and is also available in tablet, flake and powder form. It is also used as a feed supplement in the aquaculture, aquarium and poultry industries.The maxima and plaetensis species were once classified in the genus Spirulina. The common name, Spirulina, refers to the dried biomass of Arthrospira platensis, which belongs to the oxygenic photosynthetic bacteria that cover the groups Cyanobacteria and Prochlorales. These photosynthetic organisms, Cyanobacteria, were first considered as algae until 1962 and for the first time, these blue green algae were added to prokaryote kingdom and proposed to call these microorganisms as Cyanobacteria where algae is considered to be a very large and diverse group of eukaryotic organisms. The worldwide research on microalgae was carried out in the name of Spirulina, but the original species exploited as food with excellent health properties belongs to genus Arthrospira. This common difference between scientists and customers is difficult to change. These Arthrospira genus, constitute a helical trichomes of varying size and with various degree of coiling including tightly coiled morphology to even straight uncoiled form. The filaments are solitary and reproduce by binary fission and the cells of the trichomes vary from 2 ?m to 12 ?m and can sometime reach up to 16 ?m. Species of the genus Arthrospira have been isolated from alkaline brackish and saline waters in tropical and subtropical regions.

Product Features

Spirulina Certified Ecocert - 500g Powder Our spirulina is controlled according to ECOCERT SA repository for the production and control of aquaculture microalgae. Its production is controlled by Ecocert SA F-32600 One daily tea spoon, as part of a balanced diet

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