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Leucine Powder 500g | Free Delivery | Amino Acid

Leucine Powder 500g | Free Delivery | Amino Acid
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Manufacturer Description

Leucine (L-Leucine) is highly regarded as one of the most important amino acids related to increasing protein synthesis. Stimulating protein synthesis is essential to athletes that are looking to recover, repair and gain muscle mass. Peak Supps Leucine powder is an easy, convenient and effective way to increase Leucine intake, stimulate protein synthesis which in turn increases muscle mass. L-Leucine is an essential amino acid, which means that our bodies are not capable of producing it. Instead we must source it from dietary sources (food or supplements). It is also one of the three branched chain amino acids (BCAA) alongside Isoleucine and Valine. With Leucine being the more prominent amino acid in BCAA blends, often in 2:1:1 or more recently 4:1:1 ratios. It is considered to be the most effective amino acid in BCAA when it comes to energy production. The majority of dietary leucine is used to provide energy during exercise. Therefore it is extremely important to have adequate amounts of Leucine to provide our bodies with optimal energy and performance levels. Consuming protein induces an increase in protein synthesis, this is why Protein supplements are so popular to consume after training (post workout). However, studies have shown that Leucine can increase protein synthesis to the same magnitude as a complete protein (a protein that contains all amino acids). Providing strong evidence that L-Leucine is the main component in stimulating protein synthesis and also the driving force and effectiveness behind complete proteins (e.g. Whey Protein). Leucine activates mTOR (mammilian target of rapamycin). Not only does it provide the building blocks for protein synthesis it also plays a critical role in up-regulating the process. Reasons for Leucine supplementation vary, with the most common reasons being increasing muscle mass and preventing muscle loss/wastage. This is common for athletes on low calorie diets.

Product Features

Promotes Muscle Growth & Recovery Increases Protein Synthesis Maintains muscle - Ideal for those on low calorie diets Main ingredient in BCAA Activates mTOR

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