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Drift Off Formula - Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin B6 from Lean Greens

Drift Off Formula - Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin B6 from Lean Greens
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Availability: Not Available - stock arriving soon

Product Description

We are thrilled to stock the marvelous Drift Off Formula - Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin B6.

With so many on offer right now, it is wise to have a product you can trust. The Drift Off Formula - Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin B6 is certainly that and will be a superb buy.

For this price, the Drift Off Formula - Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin B6 is highly respected and is a regular choice with lots of people. Lean Greens have included some great touches and this results in good value for money.

Manufacturer Description

For as long as I can remember, I've struggled with my sleep. NOTHING is more FRUSTRATING

When I started Lean Greens in 2012 I consulted with many of the best experts and read all the studies I could find to find a solution to my own poor sleep. Every time I kept coming back to mineral balance and the magnesium deficiency that is rampant in our modern society. Having tried some rather freaky solutions which caused me to have night sweats and nightmares, waking up more tired than the night before I developed our own mineral blend.

"Drift Off Formula" was designed for ME, something I could supplement with every evening about an hour before bed, to help my mind switch off and my body to relax without needing to take drug based aids.

This formula is now used by 1000's of our customers every day, and whilst I can now say I get consistently better sleep than ever, I'm even more happy that we can positively influence the sleep patterns of many others too.

"Drift Off" contains a few simple natural ingredients, but in exactly the right quantities to naturally help you to sleep better.

Give it a try without risking anything with our guarantee.

Be sure to check out the 5 star reviews and ask any questions if you are unsure about anything.

Product Features

60 DAY ZERO RISK GUARANTEE. We want you to improve your health with ZERO risk. If you don't like the benefits of Drift Off, simply ask for a refund. RESTFUL SLEEP is something many people struggle to achieve. Supplementing with a Magnesium product like "Drift Off Formula" aids in the natural processes to fall asleep quicker and more soundly. MUSCLE RELAXATION - Lean Greens "Drift Off Formula" contains your RDA of Zinc, 66% of your Magnesium RDA and more than enough Vitamin B6. Designed to promote relaxation of your muscles. REDUCED DOMS or "Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness" is some of the anecdotal responses to using a mineral supplement containing zinc and magnesium. If you do hard training sessions, supplementing with a mineral product like this may help recovery REPLENISHES MAGNESIUM STORES - Because of modern western diets not containing enough magnesium replenishing ingredients, many practitioners recommend supplementing to restore your body's magnesium levels

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