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Best BCAA 300 g
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Manufacturer Description

BPI Sports Best BCAALowered Body Fat Levels! What is Best BCAA? br /BPI Sports Best BCAA is not your typical outdated, run-of-the-mill, same as everyone else, outdated BCAA product. Not even close. This formula is the first to bond the three branched chain amino acids - leucine, isoleucine and valine - utilizing a proprietary process route, to form oligopeptides (a bonded chain of amino acids; for example, a peptide linked chain). The oligopeptide-based branched chain amino acids may act as a better transport vehicle, allowing for more efficient metabolization, greater bio-activity, enhanced onset time, and a generally improved BCAA model. And, the scientific minds at BPI Sports didn&t stop here... What are the potential benefits? br /As mentioned, taking branched chain amino acids in oligopeptide form, combined with bio-active Oligopeptide-Enzymatic Technology, may be the best way to overcome the typical metabolization and utilization limitations and realize the full promise - including: Muscle protein synthesis Decreased protein catabolism Increased insulin sensitivity Endogenous glucose production Enhanced recovery from exercise BPI Sports Best BCAA highlights: Muscle building Protein Synthesis Lowered body fat levels Strength/power Muscle repair/recovery

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