⭐2 x BOTTLES⭐Premium Anti-Aging Advanced Strong Collagen Liquid 🔥10,000mg🔥

✅Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin B,C&D, Advanced Collagen✅

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Strawberry or Lemon

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a:8:{i:0;s:10:"Anti-Aging";i:1;s:49:"nuts free, milk free, GMO Free, Soy Free, Alcohol";i:2;s:14:"Energy Support";i:3;s:7:"Potency";i:4;s:11:"Anti-Ageing";i:5;s:16:"General Wellness";i:6;s:18:"Metabolism Support";i:7;s:13:"Muscle Health";}

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2 x 600ml

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a:10:{i:0;s:8:"GMO Free";i:1;s:13:"Allergen Free";i:2;s:15:"Halal Certified";i:3;s:8:"Fat Free";i:4;s:4:"Zinc";i:5;s:12:"Alcohol Free";i:6;s:11:"All Natural";i:7;s:11:"Gluten-Free";i:8;s:7:"Non-GMO";i:9;s:9:"Non-Toxic";}

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Nov 2023

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a:12:{i:0;s:27:"Hydrolysed Collagen 10000mg";i:1;s:28:"Silicon (OrthoSiliisic Acid)";i:2;s:8:"Collagen";i:3;s:15:"Hyaluronic Acid";i:4;s:9:"Magnesium";i:5;s:21:"Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)";i:6;s:23:"Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)";i:7;s:29:"Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid)";i:8;s:10:"Vitamin B6";i:9;s:25:"Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)";i:10;s:9:"Vitamin D";i:11;s:28:"Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol)";}

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Does Not Apply

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600 ml

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a:8:{i:0;s:8:"Collagen";i:1;s:15:"Collagen Type I";i:2;s:17:"Collagen Type III";i:3;s:15:"Hyaluronic Acid";i:4;s:29:"Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid)";i:5;s:10:"Vitamin B6";i:6;s:25:"Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)";i:7;s:9:"Vitamin D";}

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***This listing is for 2 x bottles of liquid collagen, in either strawberry or lemon flavours*** RRP £55 GBP per bottle LIMITED TIME OFFER Free postage to mainland UK. Note: We only use a premium shipping service, either Royal Mail or DPD depending on weight. We will never use economy carrier services. Strong Anti-Aging Pro-Active ADVANCED Collagen Liquid **STRAWBERRY** [10,000mg Hydrolysed Collagen] | Essential Proteins Collagen Peptides - Anti-Ageing Liquid Collagen Supplements for Women & Men, For Healthy Skin, Hair, Nails, Joints & Muscles Item DescriptionRAPID, LONG-LASTING BENEFITS 💪 ADVANCED Collagen strengthens hair and gives skin a youthful and radiant appearance. It regenerates joint cartilage and keeps your teeth and gums strong and healthy. HIGH STRENGTH COLLAGEN 🎯 The concentrated premium collagen drink is easily absorbed by the human body, with proven >90% bioavailability. Outperforming any protein tablet or capsules on the market. ANTI-AGING 👵 Once we reach 20, our bodies produce 1% less collagen each year, causing us to develop wrinkles and dry skin. Pro-Active ADVANCED Collagen complex keeps you younger for longer. PALEO AND KETO FRIENDLY 🥗 The vital proteins collagen supplement is a great companion to any paleo or keto diet plan. Rich in amino acids, it’s also 100% fat-free and halal certified. NOT JUST COLLAGEN ✅ A hydrolyzed collagen drink derived from Bovine and enhanced with Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Silicon, Zinc, Vitamin D3, Vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6 & Magnesium. Beauty BenefitsPro-Active Collagen ADVANCED is clinically proven to enrich your hair and leave it strong and silky. It will hydrate your skin and enhances the skin tonicity and elasticity making you glow and ensuring peak youthful radiance! Health & Wellness SupportA powerful antioxidant, Pro-Active Collagen can also help reduce tiredness and fatigue throughout the day. It also keeps your joints supple and strong, reducing mobility pains. A daily dose of the liquid gold also keeps your teeth and gums healthy. Sport & Workout AssistanceCollagen is a great source of protein replacement, helping to repair micro-tears and damaged proteins after intense workouts. It also gives energy during sports and speeds up recovery time after physical activity. What are the Active Ingredients? Pro-Active Collagen ADVANCED is jam-packed with tons of the good stuff. Hydrolyzed Collagen, Magnesium, Vitamin Β5 (Dexpanthenol), Vitamin Β2 (Riboflavin), Vitamin Β6 (Pyridoxine Hydrochloride), Vitamin Β1 (Thiamine Hydrochloride), Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Zinc, Silicon, Bovine (beef) Originated. How to use Pro-Active Collagen ADVANCED? Each day before bed, dilute a measuring cup of the collagen liquid in a glass of juice or water. Make sure to shake well before you use it. Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. What flavours are available? Choose between Lemon and Strawberry. FAQ’sWhat is collagen?Collagen is a key component of the basic structures of the human body and the connective tissue. It is an abundant protein of the body, accounting for about 30% of total body protein and 75% of the protein that makes up skin. As a result, collagen is the main constituent of our skin. Collagen plays a leading role in all body functions since it is responsible for:• The outer body (skin and hair)• The flexibility & mobility of the body’s structural components (cartilages & joints)• The smooth functioning of internal organs• The maintenance of good form for blood vessels and bone density What is the recommended daily dose and when should I intake ADVANCED?A measuring cup per day diluted in a glass of water or juice, is recommended, preferably before evening sleep. Shake well before each use. Store in a cool and dry place, away from direct light and below 25°C. Does Pro-active® ADVANCED Liquid Collagen have any side effects?No side effects or contraindications have been noted so far. Consumers with Allergies and/or any other medical issue should consult their doctor before consuming this product. Product does not contain any ingredients according to Directive 2013/13/EC & amendments and it is GMO Free. What does it taste like?Pro-active® ADVANCED Liquid Collagen is available in two delicious flavours, lemon, and strawberry. When do I get to see the first results?Most people respond positively to the product even before consuming the first bottle, that is about a month or soon after the beginning of the second month of product use and results in such a few days are amazing. However, not all individuals have the same results at the same time since there are many factors that affect the wellness of the skin such as genes, lifestyle, diet, extensive sun exposure, smoking, etc. To get best results 20ml daily – continuous use is recommended for optimal benefit. As we continue to lose 1.5% of our Collagen per year from age 25 – continued use is recommended. How does Pro-active® ADVANCED Liquid Collagen work?The enzyme in our stomach breaks the hydrolysed collagen down into smaller peptides and free amino acids which are then easily absorbed in the small intestine before passing through the small intestine walls to reach the blood stream supplying the dermis & the body. Then, they activate the fibroblast cells to make new collagen. Why is Pro-active® ADVANCED Liquid Collagen superior to an average anti-wrinkle cream?Pro-active® ADVANCED Liquid Collagen stimulates the cells responsible for the body’s own natural production of collagen. It works in the deeper layer of the skin (dermis) and all over the body, whereas creams are more localized in one area on the outer layer of the skin (epidermis). Why is Pro-active® ADVANCED Liquid Collagen is only available in a drinkable form?Aside from being easier to swallow, a liquid is readily absorbed as soon as it enters the stomach. Each daily dose of Pro-active® ADVANCED Liquid Collagen contains 10,000 mg of hydrolysed collagen, which is at least 50 times more efficient and effective than a common collagen pill. What is the effect of Pro-active® ADVANCED Liquid Collagen on cosmetic dermatology procedures?Pro-active® ADVANCED Liquid Collagen is not invasive and therefore acts complementary. As a dietary supplement, Pro-active® ADVANCED Liquid Collagen is non-invasive way to improve skin’s appearance with excellent results. Are there clinical trials that describe the way the product works?Numerous scientific clinical studies have been conducted on the benefits of collagen peptides/hydrolysed collagen.Please contact us for clinical studies Can I use Pro-active® ADVANCED Liquid Collagen when I am pregnant or during nursing period?Consuming during pregnancy and lactation should only be undertaken if strictly indicated by their doctor. Can diabetics receive Pro-active® ADVANCED Liquid Collagen ?Pro-active® ADVANCED Liquid Collagen contains fructose, for diabetics to be able to consume the product. Fructose, (a ketonic monosaccharide) is a natural sweetener found in most plants, distinguished from sucrose, a disaccharide, which is the table or granulated “sugar” most used as food. Fructose can be consumed by Diabetics18. Any Food Supplement intake cannot be consumed unless strictly indicated & confirmed by the Doctor. Can I receive Pro-active® ADVANCED Liquid Collagen in conjunction with other nutritional supplements?Yes, however, bear in mind that Vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6 are already present in Pro-active® ADVANCED Liquid Collagen . Therefore, it would be best to advise your doctor or healthcare consultant so as to ensure you are receiving the optimal amount for your daily nutritional needs. Can I receive Pro-active® ADVANCED Liquid Collagen in conjunction with prescribed medication?It is unlikely that Pro-active® ADVANCED Liquid Collagen will adversely interact with medication. However, it’s highly recommended that anyone suffering from a serious illness or those who are under medical supervision in general, do not take Pro-active® ADVANCED Liquid Collagen without consulting their doctor. For how long do I need to take Pro-active® ADVANCED Liquid Collagen ?To obtain the full benefits, the product is best consumed consecutively for a period of at least one month or longer for greater benefits. What happens if I stop the use of Pro-active® ADVANCED Liquid Collagen ?Research studies show that the level of collagen slowly reverts to its original level when the Collagen Pro-Active treatment started. When you stop using Pro-active® ADVANCED Liquid Collagen , the results you see will not disappear overnight, but the organism will continue its natural processes. To get best results 20ml daily – continuous use is recommended for optimal benefit. As we continue to lose 1,5% of our Collagen per year from age 25 – continued use is recommended. How can Pro-active® ADVANCED Liquid Collagen improve joints’ pain?Pro-active® ADVANCED Liquid Collagen is an essential nutrient for the joints. Collagen is the main nutrient of the connective tissue and is essential for the maintenance of the joints, bones, and muscles. It works as a constructive material, giving them shape, strength, and flexibility. Research advocates that increasing the natural levels of collagen in the body with 10gr of collagen per day (a daily dose of liquid drinkable Pro-active® ADVANCED Liquid Collagen ) gives an end to arthritic problems and problems associated with the joints. Pro-active® ADVANCED Liquid Collagen contributes to decrease joint rigidity and mobility pain & to increase the articular cartilage thickness of joints. What is the origin of Pro-active® ADVANCED Liquid Collagen ?Pro-active® ADVANCED Liquid Collagen is bovine origin derived from healthy young animals skin hides in accordance to the EU Hygiene Regulation in Germany, by Gelita. How long does a bottle last and where can I preserve it?A bottle of Pro-active® ADVANCED Liquid Collagen lasts for about 20-25 days. Store in a cool and dry place, away from direct light and below 25°C. Opened bottles with left-over liquid for more than one month must be discarded. For which people is Pro-active® ADVANCED Liquid Collagen appropriate?Anyone who wants to either boost their skin’s own natural collagen production for younger, healthier looking skin and hair or prevent and counteract signs of natural aging from the inside, to improve the normal function of the cartilage, joints, and bones. Why should I choose Pro-active® ADVANCED Liquid Collagen ?Pro-active® ADVANCED Liquid Collagen is a dietary supplement complex based on an innovative formula. The main ingredient is Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP®s) of bovine origin with proven efficacy based on several publishes clinical trials, enhanced with Silicon(Si) Hyaluronic Acid Vitamin C Magnesium, Zinc and selective B vitamins. Available in two delicious flavours of Strawberry & Lemon, fat-free & with not known side effects. Is Pro-active® ADVANCED Liquid Collagen suitable for vegetarians?No, because Collagen ProActive’ s hydrolysed collagen is bovine originated. Is Pro-active® ADVANCED Liquid Collagen halal?Yes, we sell a Bovine originated version which is Halal Certified. Where is Pro-active® ADVANCED Liquid Collagen manufactured?Pro-active® ADVANCED Liquid Collagen is manufactured and packaged in high standard facility in France. The manufacturing site is certified with GMP (cGMP) for medicine production by ANSM, France.